Beach ready?

IMG_2747.JPGToday, I wanted to write to encourage everyone to exercise. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise that you, so long as you do it. Bathing suit season is fast approaching and I know that I’m not ready for it.  I have started being more diligent with my Fit Bit. I am logging at least 10,000 steps everyday. If you don’t have  an activity tracker; do not fret. You need at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week. You should be feeling mildly winded, but still able to talk during your exercise.

You also need 2 days of strength training every week. My personal favorite at the moment is  body weight resistance. With this, you really don’t need any equipment. I mainly focus on squats, lunges, burpees or push ups. They get most of the target muscle groups. I will also work on pull ups, planks and tricep dips.

A great way to track your progress is to do a 1 minute test for each of your exercises. See how many of each that you can do. Retest again every 2 weeks.  Keep pushing, it’s worth it!




Healthy Snacks post Easter candy overload

IMG_2744Hello again!

Things are going pretty good for me with my fitness and healthy living endeavors. One of the hardest things to do is to enjoy healthy snacks. While I’ve been off and on again with the Whole 30 plan; I need a little chocolate every once in a while. Well, I’ve discovered these chocolate chip cookie dough Lara bars on amazon:  They are not really chocolate chip cookie dough though.  😕They are Gluten free.😋  They only have a few raw ingredients in them: dates, nuts and chocolate chips.  So not all that bad.  My family have enjoyed them to a certain degree.  Especially when I get on my kicks about not buying any junk food whatsoever. If you are being really strict with no added sugar, the apple pie flavor here  works very well!  Also, as an added advantage, I’ve signed up for auto-delivery and get an extra 5% off of my order; and with Prime I get free delivery!

Alright, enough about my snacking habits… So I want to remind every one about whole 30.  There is a book, that I heard about from some co-workers over a year ago, called It Starts with Food. You can find it here on Amazon:  It has made a huge difference.  Sugar is a huge inflammatory food that we get addicted to easily.  Once you read this book, you will have a WHOLE, no pun intended, new perspective on food!  When I follow the guidelines recommended, I feel really, really good.  It is amazing how my body feels and how much more energy I have.

All this being said, I am writing the day after Easter! Yes, I ate my fair share of chocolate bunnies, caramel filled chocolate eggs, Robbins eggs, and coconut cake. So needless to say, I’m feeling pretty crappy today!  Thus the reason for this post.  It is for encouragement for myself and others to get back on track with being healthy.

I hope to write more frequently to encourage more healthy changes!


Writing slacker!

Apparently, I’m not that great with keeping a blog! I have been great with my purpose, which was being healthy!  The whole 30 eating plan is still the basis of what I eat. It seems to be doing my body some serious good! As far as my exercise, I’ve been sticking with it too!  I finished my first obstacle course race and registered for two more. They are addictive and rewarding!!

My advice is to stick with it and find a friend to hold you accountable!  That’s the best way! And say lots of prayers to get encouragement from God! He should be first priority!

Any way, I wish you all the best with your healthy adventure!

Almost there!


I have been very compliant with my Whole 30 diet. Today is day 32. Yesterday, I was able to add in the legume family. What a treat!  I tried to follow the recommendations in the the book ” It Starts With Food”. I ate peanut butter with my breakfast, and there were no immediate side effects!  At lunch, I added homemade hummus ( the store bought stuff has oils that are not whole 30 compliant).  About 30 minutes later, I experience bloating!😓 It wasn’t terrible, but I haven’t had any since I started the program.  For dinner, I added in English peas without and immediate reactions.

So, for my first reintegration of “unhealthy” foods 2 were okay.  It was interesting to see what the outcomes were. Peanut butter is not something I eat on a regular basis , but everyonce in a while, I Do like a little!  Hummus was disappointing though! I like to have it weekly. But, I’ve lived without it for the past 30 days, so it’s not going to kill me to leave it out. And if I really want it, then I’ll just have to suffer the consequences!  I was excited about the English peas! It is spring time now, and we like cold pea salad! Yum!

I have two clean eating days before I add in non-gluten grains! I’m Excited to check the results!

Alright, as far as my exercise … Last week I was sick, so I did very little.  This week, I am back on track!  I am still training for a 2 mile fun run that is less than a month away.  When I started, I was not running/jogging at all. Now, I am on the couch to 5 k running plan. This week I am running 3 minutes, walking 90 seconds, running 5 minutes, walking 2 1/2 minutes, and repeat. I start out with a 5 minute walk and finish with enough walking to equal a total of 2 miles. I am running 3 days per week.

Let me just say, it has been a challenge.  I have a goal in mind, so I’m sticking to it.

I’ve also signed up for a Spartan Sprint. It is about 2 months away. So in the midst of training for the 2 mile run, I am also training for the obstacle course race. It is going to take a lot of upper body strength( which I don’t have!) I am continuing to work on push-ups, burpees ,pull-up holds and walking lunges. I do these until I can’t do any more! And walk in between for a circuit style workout!

I have gained some muscle definition and lost some fat! I will measure just before the Spartan race and see what my body fat composition is. I’m sure it will have reduced significantly by then!

I hope this post helps to motivate you to be more healthy too! Set a reasonable goal and stick to it!

Hang in there

Alright, it’s been two weeks since I last posted. Don’t fret; I’ve been working hard on staying healthy. Life got a little hectic and I didn’t have time to post.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve done to stay healthy!  I’ve started a “whole30” diet/ lifestyle change. It has been a challenge to find food that is compliant with their guidelines, but it is going to pay off big.  The whole premise is to rid your body of chronic inflammation. I have been going strong for 2 weeks now and have lost 4 pounds.  I did not do it to lose weight, but I am not complaining. I probably have 15-20 pounds to go.

I recommend reading their book “It starts with Food.” It has some really good points in it, and I can’t wait to feel the results after my first 30 days.

The hardest has been no dairy for now. But I’m surviving!


Also, I added some strength training 3 days per week to include push-ups, forward lunges, modified pull-ups, tricep dips, squats, and crunches. I do these to my max and the next time try to add one more.


Keep up the good work and stay healthy!


Let’s keep it going!

Alright guys,  how did you do this week?  I made my goal. I walked 5 days for 30 minutes, plus I took a 10 mile bike ride. It made for a tiring week.

This week we need to step it up just a little bit more…. Add walking 30 minutes everyday. That’s 7 days a week!

I was reading that the American Heart Association recommends for us to walk 7 days a week.  They say that if you do this you are less likely to be overweight and to develop type 2 diabetes.

There are many more health benefits to walking and exercising daily.  One of those is that it helps to boost your mood.  This is something that is really important especially in the winter months. Also, it helps to build your energy levels, so that you are not so tired all of the time.

In addition to walking 7 days a week, on two of those days I added 5 reps of 30 sec jog and 30 sec walk.  This is optional.  Remember, I’m training for an obstacle course race.  And I’ve signed up for a 2 mile fun run.  My goal for the fun run is to be able to run/jog at least half of it.


week 2 goal: walk 30 minutes each day of the week.

Be Healthy!

Let’s get started being healthy!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I’m excited to get this thing started. My goal for this blog is to promote being healthy; thus the title… I’m being healthy.

Being healthy tends to be a challenge for me,so I was also hoping that starting a blog would help hold me accountable! I have a tendency to go on a healthy “binge”, get in decent shape, and then quit. I guess it would be called yo-yo fitness because I don’t really diet. But I do clean up my eating!

With all that being said, let’s get started….

I asked for a popular fitness tracker this year for Christmas and got one. It has helped to show me my faults in activity level .  I am much more motivated having this new, fun tool.  My goal is set at the default 10,000 steps per day. I have been able to consistently meet that goal for 7 days now.  I would encourage you all to invest in one or at least start walking for 30 minutes each day (even if you don’t feel like it😞)!

Also, the tracker has the option to add friends and challenges. This has been fun with my co-workers; apparently we are very competitive! It keeps us on our A game!

So  enough about the tracker.  My goal this year is to also complete an obstacle course race. The medium level race is late in the year, so I have plenty of time to train. I will keep you updated on what I’m doing to get ready for this adventure.  If you are motivated to get healthy, maybe you can train along with me too so that you can do something similar. Always make sure you are healthy enough to start an exercise program first. If you are not sure, schedule a check up with your doctor. That’s a starting point for being healthy!

I will post a weekly goal that I have set for myself and have completed. Yes, if you follow this, you will be one week behind me. My reasoning for this is that I will not post something that I can’t or haven’t done myself.  I don’t want to give any false expectations!

Weekly goal 1: walk 30 minutes 5 days this week.

Also, I’m trying to increase my water intake. We all have heard that we are supposed to drink 8 glasses a day of water. I’m not there yet. I think I am closer to 5. There is some confusion out there, some people say it is 8 glasses of fluids per day; that sounds way better to me. Plus, I like my coffee in the mornings ( even if it is decaf 😔)! Oh, and I don’t drink soft drinks. They are not good for you, so just don’t even go there!

I look forward to working towards my goals and hope this helps you too. Thanks for reading and remember …

Be Healthy!